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Six reasons why travelling by coach is the best!


At Worthing Coaches we think travelling by coach is the best, and here's why....


1. You don't have to drive.

As soon as you jump on board you can sit back, relax and leave the driving to someone else! Whether you want to listen to music, watch the latest episode of Breaking Bad, catch up on some paperwork or take a well-deserved nap - letting someone else do the driving means you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed!


2. You travel together and arrive at the same time.

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, a journey with friends or colleagues is much more fun than travelling alone - it's just not quite the same playing I spy on your own! Plus, it's a great opportunity for the organiser to tell the group any important information, which means you can begin your day as soon as you reach your destination. Of course, there's also the added bonus that everyone arrives at the same time, so no more waiting around for those annoying late comers - you know who you are!


3. You get taken RIGHT to your destination.

Your coach will drop you off right outside your destination. No more arriving at the airport to wait in line for a taxi, lugging your luggage for miles, or arriving at your destination in good time to find you get lost trying to locate your hotel - your coach will drop you right outside. And, if you normally travel by car, you can wave goodbye to the days of driving in circles trying to find a place to park or fumbling around in your glove box looking for some spare change to pay for pricey parking!


4. You get a guaranteed seat.

Unlike travelling by other methods of transport, when travelling by coach you're guaranteed your own seat. Which means once on board you can sit down, get comfortable then relax in the knowing you won't have to move (unless you want to) until you have reached your destination!


5. You can go to the loo - whenever you need!

There's nothing worse than heading off on a journey to find nature calls and you've just passed the services! When travelling by coach there's no more wondering when your next refreshment stop will be or looking for the next exit on the motorway; because most coaches have an on board WC, which means you can go whenever you need - as long as it's not already occupied!


6. You feel green.

We all like to do our bit for the environment. Travelling by coach is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of public transport. Our fleet are all LEZ complaint too, so when travelling by coach you can feel proud knowing you're helping to reduce your carbon footprint.



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